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This is the place to discuss and explore the Ohe lineage and genealogy. As the site develops we will add more information and expand the family linkages. If you are from one of the family lines listed and want to explore your family history, please register and we will keep you informed. If you have done some genealogical research and would like to share, let us know.

I am working on developing an Ohe family tree. The current tree has a total of over 900 individuals, spans three countries (United States, UK, and Germany), and covers three centuries which includes several family lines.

The main family lines include the following:

  • Ohe, including von der Ohe (California, Oklahoma, and Hermannsburg Germany)
  • Newsom (California, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, England, UK)
  • Perteet (California, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas)
  • Scott (Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Virginia)